How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S8?

Unlock code for Samsung Galaxy S8 phone is available. Unlocking of Galaxy S8 by code is easy. You will not lose the warranty of the phone because we don’t change the firmware or software. Unlocked mobile can be used worldwide.

Unlocking of Samsung Galaxy S8 is just a matter of unlock code. Once the correct code entered, you can use it worldwide. A network-free phone can be used with any SIM of any network of any country.

Ours unlock code generating system is independent of the model, country, and network. Means, you can place the order for any Samsung phone or tablet. The NCK code comes from the Samsung official server, means 100% guaranteed to work. We also provide 100% money-back, in case the code does not work.

In order to place the order at Samsung server, we only need correct 15-digit IMEI of the phone. You can find it through the phone settings or on the sticker.

Depending upon the service you choose, you may get the following codes:

NCK – Used to remove the sim lock.

Unfreeze/MCK – Used to reset the unlock code counter.

SPCK – Service Provider Code is used to reset the second level of the lock.

Before Placing the order, you should know the following:

1. All the latest phone from T-Mobile and MetroPCS are locked by “Device Unlock App“. It does not request the unlock code after changing the SIM card and can not be unlocked by code.

2. Don’t place the order for Tracfone, Net10CDMA, SafeLink, StraightTalk locked Samsung handset. It comes boot locked and can not be unlocked by code.

No refund will be provided in above both cases.

Once the order will be placed, it will go to the Samsung server and will pick the correct code for you. Everything is automatic, means once the code will be available, it will be emailed automatically from the server.

How long we need to wait for an unlock code of Samsung phone?

The approximate delivery time for an unlock code of Samsung phone starts from 1 to 15 days.

The average response time is 2 days (Based on last 100 orders).

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S8?

1. Switch On the phone with an unacceptable SIM card (other than default operator).

2. Samsung Galaxy S8 will prompt for “Enter SIM Network Unlock PIN“.

3. Enter the NCK code which is provided by

4. If the code is not accepted, then enter the Unfreeze / MCK code (unsuccessful message may appear).

5. Again enter the NCK or Unlock Code.

Now your Samsung Galaxy S8 should be network free.

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