Not Supported Phones: CDMA, Tracfone, MetroPCS and T-Mobile which come with “Device Unlock App“. If you will place the order for these phones and you will get the code, which will be useless for you. No refund will be provided for wrong orders.

Except above mentioned, all are supported worldwide. The code comes from the LG database which will be 100% genuine, means guaranteed to work. Still, if any code does not work, you need to provide video proof for 100% refund.

Order Price: 5 USD

Order Delivery Time: 1-24 hrs (Mostly completed in 1 hr)

Order Price: 6 USD

Order Delivery Time: 1 to 24 Hrs

From the above-mentioned databases, you will get all levels of codes. In case, at server only one code will be available, then you will get NCK only. No refund will be provided in such case.